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Title IX

The Department of  Education recently released new Title IX regulations mandating the response to sex discrimination allegations in educational programs and activities that goes into effect August 14, 2020.

Conewago Valley School District does not discriminate in any manner, including Title IX sexual harassment, in any District education program or activity. The District has established Title IX personnel to promptly respond to concerns and reports of sexual harassment and assault. 

For more information or to report a concern, please contact the Conewago Valley School District Title IX Coordinators:

Dr. Brad Sterner
Assistant Superintendent - Conewago Valley School District
Compliance Officer/Title IX Coordinator (Students)
130 Berlin Road 
New Oxford, PA 17325
(717) 624-2157 ext. 1005

Policy 103 - Student Report Form

Mr. Joshua Lovejoy
Director of Human Resources - Conewago Valley School District
Title IX Coordinator (Employees)
130 Berlin Road
New Oxford, PA 17350
(717) 624-2157 ext. 1006

Policy 104 - Employee Report Form

All investigations into sexual harassment and assault reports will be impartial, free of bias and conflicts, and will not prejudge the facts for either side. Conewago Valley School District strives to maintain an environment where all students, staff, and the greater community feel safe.

To review the job description for the Title IX Coordinator, please click on the link below: 

Title IX Coordinator Job Description 

To review the Title IX Training Guidance, please click on the link below:
Title IX Training Guidance

Title IX training is completed by all staff members using the Title IX Compliance Overview Course on the Safe School Training platform.

District Administrators participated in Title IX Coordinator, Title IX Investigator, and Title IX Decision Maker training conducted by Stock & Leader.  The links to the associated presentations are attached below along with the training dates:

Title IX Coordinator Training

Title IX Investigator Training 

 Title IX Decision Maker Training

Title IX Training - Taking it to Level Three!  

To review the Title IX Investigative Process, please click on the link below 

Title IX Investigative Process