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District Office Emails: 2021-2022
Beans, Lauri Secretary to Superintendent 1002 [email protected]
Corbin, Dr. Stephanie D. Director of Special Education 1008 [email protected]
Duncan, Lori Business Manager 1012 [email protected]
Epley, Doug Director of Computer Services & Technology 1025 [email protected]
Hoffman, Lori Secretary to Human Resources 1022 [email protected]
Kindschuh, Christine Secretary to Business Office 1013 [email protected]
Lawrence, Jessica Payroll Specialist 1016 [email protected]
Little, Bonnie Transportation Coordinator 1010 [email protected]
Lovejoy, Joshua Director of Human Resources & Title IX Coordinator (Staff) 1006 [email protected]
Maker, Nathan Network Administrator 1026 [email protected] 
Murren, Jeff Director of Maintenance and Grounds 1024 [email protected]
Ort, Ashley Assistant Business Manager 1014 [email protected]
Perry, Dr. Sharon Superintendent of Schools & Title IX Coordinator (Students) 1002 [email protected]
Smith, Donna Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent  1011 [email protected]
Sprankle, Ashley Director of Food Services 1015 [email protected]
Staley, Lesli Supervisor of Special Education 1019 [email protected]
Stambaugh, Pat Secretary to Special Education 1009 [email protected]
Swift, Linda Database Systems/PIMS/Child Accounting/Central Registration 1017 [email protected]
Tucker, Carol Receptionist 0 [email protected]
Walker, Dr. Rob Assistant Superintendent 1005 [email protected]