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Welcome to the Conewago Valley School District! We are excited to have you join our Colonial family. 
Our registration process can be completed 100% online through any web browser application.  Documents that need to be submitted can be attached directly to the online application.  However, if you need access to a computer, our district office has a kiosk computer for your use. District Office is located at 130 Berlin Rd. New Oxford, PA  17350.  Look for door #35.


To be eligible for enrollment in the Conewago Valley School District, parents or legal guardians must be a resident in our school district area and the student must be residing in their home on a permanent basis.

For the 2023-2024 school year, a student must be age 5 by September 1, 2023, to be eligible for Kindergarten.

Our registration process begins with the online form system. To use the system, you must have an active email account.

Click HERE to create an online registration account.

ALREADY HAVE A FAMILY ACCESS ACCOUNT?  Login to your Family Access account and click the New Student Registration button on the upper left side menu bar to begin a new registration for your newest student.

Please be sure to attach scans or photos of the documents to your online application before submitting the application.  Once the application is submitted you will not be able to edit the online application to later add the required documents:
  • Proof of the student’s age – acceptable documentation includes one (1) of the following: 
    • Birth certificate or notarized copy of a birth certificate
    • Baptismal certificate or copy of the record of baptism, notarized or duly certified and showing date of birth
    • Valid passport
  • Immunizations required by law – acceptable documentation includes:
    • Student’s immunization record
    • Verbal assurances from the prior school district or a medical office that required immunizations have been completed, with records to follow​
  • Proof of residency – acceptable documentation includes two (2) of the following:
    • Deed/Lease -A current term lease must contain your landlord’s telephone number, list your child(ren) as occupants, and include the page where both you and the landlord have signed.
    • Current pay stub showing the parent’s name and the address being used for residency.
    • Current utility bill showing the parent’s name and the address being used for residency. NOTE: Cell phone bills are NOT accepted
    • Current vehicle registration showing the parent’s name and the address being used for residency.
    • Property tax bill
  • State Photo ID/Driver's License
  • Certified copy of any court order establishing custody or guardianship (court time/date stamp and signed by a judge), if applicable
  • Copy of last report card / unofficial transcript (Grades 9th –12th)​
  • Current Special Education Records – IEP/GIEP, if applicable
Documents also needed:
Physical Examinations: The Pennsylvania Public School Code Section 1402. Health Services (e) requires that students upon original entry, 6th grade, and 11th grade be given a "comprehensive appraisal" of their health.
Dental Health Program: 28 PA Code (regulations) 23.3(a)* states "Dental examinations shall be required
         on original entry into school and in grades three and seven."
Physicals and Dentals must be completed within one year prior to a student's entry into the grade where an exam is required.
For Kindergarten through 3rd-grade registrations:  School building enrollment is based on physical address. 
For 9th - 12th Grade Registrations: Students in 9th–12th grade will be required to meet with their school counselor to generate a schedule prior to their first day of school.
Screenings for those students who are registered will be held at both elementary buildings, at CTE on April 19, 2023 from 9am-7pm and at NOE on April 27, 2023 from 9am-7pm.  Registered parents will be contacted by the building admin to schedule your screening appointment.
Please visit the following website to learn more about Home Education and Private Tutoring

To see CVSD policy on Home Education Programs go to School Board Policies, click on policies across the top of the page, and then select programs (100) on the left side of the page.  Our Home Education Programs is policy #137.

Families that have moved to a new address within the district should contact their current school office to provide the change of address with updated proof of residency documents.

You must provide two (2) forms of proof of residency.  Acceptable documents are listed below:
  • Lease agreement or mortgage/property deed may be used to determine residency. 
  • Driver’s License/State ID showing the parent’s name and the address being used for residency.
  • Pay stub showing the parent’s name and the address being used for residency.
  • Utility bill or email from utility (gas, electric, water, cable, trash) company showing the parent’s name and the address being used for residency.
  • Car Registration showing the parent’s name and the address being used for residency.
  • Copy of tax return showing the parent’s name and the address being used for residency.
Once you have provided all necessary documents you will be supplied with your transportation information and start date for your students at their new location. If the student is in 4th– 12th grade, their building will not change, but new bus information will be provided to you. 

Due to various reasons you may need to withdrawal your child(ren) from our school district.  Please use the checklist below to ensure your child is properly withdrawn from CVSD.

1) Notify your child's current school that your child will be attending another school.  Please provide to the school staff your child's name and the name and location of the new school. Complete the CVSD Withdrawal form.

2) Return all CVSD textbooks, library books and technology devices to the appropriate CVSD building before leaving the district.  

3) Once you register at the new school please have them fax a Records Request to our school district.    You can either have them fax to your child's school or to the district registration office at 717-624-5020.  If you are leaving the country and the new school will not request records please notify your CVSD school staff by email that no records request will be sent.

4) Once your child is un-enrolled from CVSD, your child will no longer have access to their district email or google account.  If there is anything you would like off their district google drive, please remove these items.