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The main function of the School Health Services is physical and dental examinations and follow-up with the aim that all remedial defects be corrected.  The health program includes physical examinations, dental screenings, vision, hearing, height and weight, BMI, scoliosis screening, and health counseling.

Emergency care will be administered to those students who become ill or have accidents during school hours. In case of major illness or accident, the following procedures will be followed:
  1. Parents will be called for instruction.
  2. Procedures listed on the Student Emergency Information Form will be followed.
  3. The student will be taken to the emergency room at the hospital. Treatment of minors in the emergency room is given only in life-threatening situations without the consent of the parent or guardian.
At the beginning of each school year, parents are asked to complete the Student Emergency Information Form. The form should be filled in accurately and the school should be notified of any changes in procedure, address, or telephone numbers that occur during the school year. The parent or guardian must sign this emergency form. It is very important that some responsible person can be reached at all times, should there be an emergency with a student. A list of medications approved by the school physician is provided to parents annually for parent approval. Medications not on the list will not be dispensed without parent and physician written approval.
Please click on this link to watch this short video of how to access your child's nurse office visits in Skyward Family Access.


  1. Log in to Family Access
  2. Choose the student/child you wish to view.
  3. Along the left side of the screen, click on Health Info (at the bottom)
  4. Next, choose Display Options and choose Show Physical Exams, this gives the Ht, Wt, and BMI %

BMI categories fall within the following percentile ranges:
  • Within normal range = 5% - 85%
  • Underweight = below 5%
  • At Risk for Overweight = 85% - 95%
  • Overweight = 95% and above

​What do the results mean?
If your child is on the very low end of the percentile scale (for example, the 5th percentile), you may be concerned that your child is too small. This may be normal for your child. But if you are concerned, talk to your doctor. Your doctor can check your child to make sure that he or she is growing as expected.
Often parents of very small children push their children to eat more because they are concerned about their growth. This can cause problems. The child may eat less. Talk about your child's weight with your doctor. As long as your child is growing normally, you can relax a little about feeding him or her.
If your child is on the upper end of the percentile scale (for example, the 95th percentile), you may be concerned that your child is too big. This may be normal for your child. But if you are concerned, talk to your doctor. Your doctor can check your child to make sure that he or she is growing in a healthy way.
Parents of larger children are sometimes tempted to feed their children less food, to keep them from gaining too much weight. This doesn't work. When food has been restricted, the child may overeat when he or she gets the chance. Again, it is good to discuss your child's weight with a doctor who can help you see if your child's growth is within his or her normal pattern.
Your child's growth over time is the most important thing to think about when you are concerned about what your child's weight should be at any age. Your child's doctor will decide what your child's weight should be, based on what your child's growth pattern has been over time.


Adults and children who meet the requirements to receive immunizations can call 1-877-PA-HEALTH (1-877-724-3258) to schedule an appointment.  A parent/legal guardian must accompany children who are receiving a vaccination.  Department of Health staff will need to be notified prior to the appointment of someone other than the child’s parent/legal guardian who will be accompanying him/her.


Each school year the following health screenings are provided for each student:

  • Vision Screening to check far and near vision, 
  • Color Vision and Stereo Depth Perception (Grade 1 or new students not previously screened)
  • Height and Weight, BMI 
  • Hearing Screening (Grades K,1, 2, 3, 7 and 11)
  • Scoliosis Screening (Grades 6 and 7) 

In October of 2018, the PA School Code was amended to include sun protection measures for students. Section 1414.10 (2) of the PA School Code allows for the use of a non-aerosol topical sunscreen product by students in school.  The Pennsylvania Department of Education has provided guidelines to each district along with forms that are to be used for the application of non-aerosol over-the-counter sunscreen.  This change now requires the following:

  1. Only non-aerosol, non-prescription sunscreen can be applied by the nurse or self-applied by the student during school or at a school event.
  2. A parent or guardian must complete the Conewago Valley School District non-aerosol, permission form and must provide the non-aerosol, non-prescription sunscreen, sent inside a ziplock bag, to the school nurse.  If your child is not able to apply sunscreen, you must check the appropriate boxes on the parent permission form and send the completed and signed form along with the sunscreen to the school nurse. Parent-Guardian Sunscreen Form English & Spanish
  3. If you would like your student to carry and self-apply the non-aerosol, non-prescription sunscreen, you must also have your student complete a student sunscreen form and submit that along with your parent permission form to the school nurse.  Student Sunscreen Form English & Spanish

Physical Examinations: The Pennsylvania Public School Code Section 1402. Health Services (e) requires that students upon original entry, sixth grade and 11th grade be given a "comprehensive appraisal" of their health. The physical is to be completed within 4 months prior to the start of the school year. 

Dental Health Program: 28 PA Code (regulations) 23.3(a)* states "Dental examinations shall be required on original entry into school and in grades three and seven."
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