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Administration of Medication

Parents should confer with the child’s physician to arrange medication time intervals to avoid school hours whenever possible. No medication, other than those on the list sent home at the beginning of each school year, may be administered without written authorization from the physician and the parent/guardian.

When medication absolutely must be taken during school hours, the parent or guardian must submit a written request, signed by the physician and parent, to the school nurse in order for their child to take any medication. The appropriate form and related letter may be found in the nurse’s office.

Handling and Storage of Medications in the School:
We prefer that:
  • The parent bring the medicine to school. The medication must be in the original container and properly labeled. If necessary, request a duplicate bottle from the pharmacist. The medication and the written request should be delivered directly to the school nurse, school principal or his/her designee. The amount of medication stored by the school should be limited based on the length of time medications are to be taken.
  • All medication will be kept in a locked cabinet in the health room of the school. Medications requiring refrigeration will be stored in the health room refrigerator.
Administration of Medications During School Hours
  • Students will be responsible for reporting to the nurse’s office at the time the medication is to be taken.
  • The school nurse, principal or his/her designee will supervise the taking of the medication by the student.
  • Prescription drug logs will be kept for any child receiving prescription medicine on an ongoing basis.
  • Unused medications will be returned to parents for disposition and must be picked up by the parent.
  • Any change in dosage of medication will be recognized only on receipt of written notice of change from the family physician and the parent.

Medication Permission Form and Individualized Health Care Plan Form: