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Community Activity Flyers

Community Flyers

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Flyer Info

CVSD is willing to cooperate with community organizations and agencies regarding the notification of activities to parents within our district.  In an effort to conserve resources, the district will be posting approved flyers to the district website.

To have your activity notification approved to be posted, the following guidelines must be followed:
Your organization or program must benefit District students, families and/or residents.
Each flyer must be approved by the Superintendent or designee. You may forward a copy of the flyer for consideration to the Director of Safety and Communications by email (in Word or .PDF format) to [email protected] drop off at the district office, or by USPS. The flyer will be reviewed, and the organization will be notified of the approval or disapproval.
After gaining proper approval, the flyer will then be posted on the district website throughout the duration and/or registration of the activity. Teachers and staff will not personally distribute flyers in the school buildings.

The Conewago Valley School District is not affiliated with these activities and neither encourages or discourages a student's participation.