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Conewago Valley School District Branding

Conewago Valley School District Branding Standards Guide 3-17-2016
Open House- Dr. Russell Greenholt from Community Media on Vimeo.  

Branding Request Procedures

The Branding Compliance Committee is now at a point where we can begin to honor branding requests. That said, following the procedures listed below will help us to ensure consistency and fidelity with our brand moving forward. We are so excited to have a new and exciting identity for the district we hope will live infinitely as the symbol of what it means to be a Colonial.  We recognize there will be some growing pains as we transition between old and new, and ask for your continued patience and support.  When making a request to use any of the branding materials, please submit the required information using the CVSD Brand Usage Request Form.   When working with outside vendors, please make sure to adhere to all requirements, including colors and fonts, as defined in the Branding Standards Manual, available by visiting the Branding page of the district website.

  Steps for the Branding Request Process:

  1. Submit a request via CVSD Brand Usage Request Form
  2. Compliance Committee reviews request provides email receipt if requested
  3. Compliance Committee grants Initial Approval and distributes requested watermarked files to be used to create proofs.
  4. Organization or person submitting request creates proof(s) with the watermarked file(s) and submits design to Compliance Committee for Final Approval.
  5. Compliance Committee grants Final Approval and sends requested files to vendor or contact person for use with products or apparel as requested on the initial form.

  * Beth Groden, Branding Compliance Liaison, will serve as the point person for all communications with vendors regarding questions about design or image files.   We are preparing to release the new letterhead, envelope design, and business card templates in the near future. Instructions on how best to use these files will accompany any documents that are released.

​Branding Compliance Committee    

Evolution of the Colonial

Our Colonial mascot has evolved over time to our present-day rendition.  The Conewago Valley School District has known many Colonials since 1971 and we are ready to adopt our 2015 version and maintain its legacy for many years to come.  In the past, organizations associated with the district utilized unique versions of the Colonial which led to numerous mascots which have become confusing to both our students and community.  We are pleased to offer our final Colonial, one that will unify our district with one version for all to utilize and solidify the Colonial spirit of which we are all so proud.    

                                                                                    1971 Colonial  

2015 Colonial Mascot and Academic Shield