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CVSD Branding Committee Member Tribute

The opportunity to participate in the Branding Initiative was offered to all members of the Conewago Valley School District Community.  The individuals listed below accepted the challenge described below:

Over time, people will recognize CVSD based on our "visual identity." Our logo, colors, motto, and academic shield will combine to create our "visual identity system." The individual prongs of our identity system may not be as critical on their own, but when used together consistently and in relation to what we do, they eventually communicate our school culture, what we stand for, and ultimately influence what people think about or feel when they see the Colonial "brand."  

Dr. Greenholt has had the opportunity to present the idea to students, faculty, parents and other organizations and all have agreed that the initiative is needed.  We trust you would agree.  With this in mind, we are creating a district committee that will mold and create a new visual identity system that will best represent our culture and the pride that we have as Colonials, a pride that we hope lives within all of us for a long time to come.  The committee will be focused on four initiatives:

  • Creation of a new Mascot
  • Creation of an Academic Shield
  • Resolution on one set of School Colors
  • Creation of a district slogan or motto

The first meeting was held in April of 2015, with four meetings following: May, June, July, and the final meeting in December.  Meetings typically lasted a minimum of 90 minutes and were conducted on weeknights, placing an additional strain on the calendars of those who attended.

We would like to thank all of the members of the Colonial community who gave their time, energy, and talents to assist with the Branding Initiative.  This project was a significant undertaking, one that could not have come to fruition without the unwavering dedication and commitment of the individuals listed below.

Branding Committee Members

Scott Anderson
Anthony Angelini
Christopher Bowman
Ethan Chrismer
Jenene Conrad
Dana Farmer
Elizabeth Farmer
Carly Flickinger
Gretchen Gates
Russell Greenholt
Beth Groden
Jennifer Haugh
Krista Hayward
Kim Hockensmith
Bill Huffman
Maria Kann
Ally Kohler
Alecia Kraus
Owen Long
Robert Long
Travis Martin
Matt Muller
Tim Rohrbaugh
Mandy Roos
Christopher Rudisill
Melanie Sauter
​Charlotte Shaffer
Patti Shatto-Young
Jodi Smith
Tanya Smith
Christina Summers
Lisa Teal
Crystal Tomecek
Diane Topper
Matt Wensel
Courtney Zinn